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As a Repco Authorised Service Centre, TNT Auto Sparks offer a 65 Point Vehicle Inspection with every service.

This Visual inspection by a qualified mechanic targets 65 important areas of the car and can alert you to any potential issues, giving you warning ahead of time, before these minor concerns become big (and expensive) problems. This provides information and peace of mind for situations such as;

• Prior to setting off on a long road trip

• To help determine the value of a vehicle*

• For Fleet replacement schedules or staff welfare programs

For customers who do not require a service and are simply looking for some insight into the general condition of a car, our qualified mechanics can carry out the 65 point inspection from just $100, depending on the vehicle make and model. The inspection includes a road-test to check for unusual noises and vibrations and correct power train operation.

We will also check such items as fluid levels and condition, brake operation, clutch & transmission, belts & hoses, batteries and air conditioner system operation. The mechanic will check for leaks and cracked seals and inspect shock absorbers, C.V & Universal Joints, steering and suspension systems, exhausts, wheels and tyres, springs & spring mounts along with other key components on the underside of the car. On completion of the inspection you will be supplied with a written report detailing the condition of the areas inspected, which will serve to keep you informed about the condition of your vehicle and give you some idea of what you might expect down the road.

*The 65 point inspection is not intended to replace a specific “pre-purchase inspection” but it can provide a cost effective alternative if all that you require is a general assessment of the vehicle condition. For a full list of the elements inspected in the 65 Vehicle Inspection Report click here 

Book in for a 65 Point Vehicle Inspection today and save yourself potential disappointment tomorrow...

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